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Do you know how many popular proverbs or sayings there are in Spanish?

By: Mercy Ramos
Jun 03, 2024
Do you know how many popular proverbs or sayings there are in Spanish?

Proverbs are something deeply rooted in Cuba. At least this journalist and all of my generation grew up hearing them from our parents and grandparents. When there was an event that for them was important as teaching, they always resorted to proverbs.

It is because of that I think it is worth returning to the topic. Although it is not known exactly, it is estimated that there are about one hundred thousand sayings in the Spanish language. Can you imagine?

Impossible to remember them all. But there are many for numerous occasions, for example: There is no evil that does not come with good; tell me who you go with and I will tell you who you are; He who does badly, ends badly, Love enters through the kitchen; To the bread, bread and to the wine, wine; It is never late if happiness is good, A tree that is born crooked never straightens its trunk; Full belly happy heart; Water that is not yours to drink, let it run, are other most popular sayings.

As it is known, proverbs can be classified into two groups: descriptive, related to observation, experience and inductive reasoning without value judgments and prescriptive ones, that transmit a moral teaching or order social behavior. They cover numerous themes of life such as love, friendship, work, good habits and the bad ones too, living conditions, the gastronomy, in short many more but, yes, they all always contain a great lesson.

So I recommend you listen to these last two sayings that remind you  to avoid difficult situations and the fact is that the devil knows more because he is old, than because he is a devil and he who does not hear advice doesn't get old. Words are unnecessary.

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