Editions 51 of Cuba plus and 35 of Cuba plus Latinos Presented in Havana

Editions 51 of Cuba plus and 35 of Cuba plus Latinos Presented in Havana


Cubaplus Photos: José Meriño

The 51st edition of Cuba plus and 35 of Cuba plus Latinos magazines were presented at the restaurant “Le Chansonnier” of the Cuban capital, in the presence of numerous designers, clients of both publications, as well as officials of Prensa Latina News Agency, co-editor, and members of the press accredited in Cuba, among other guests.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Director General of both Canadian publications, expressed his satisfaction for the work developed by the editorial team, as well as his collaborators, to ensure that this project already begins to transit successfully through its thirteenth year.

We hope to continue developing and promoting Cuba's destination in the markets to which both publications are destined: Canada, the United States and Latin America, in general, which is our modest contribution to the development of tourism to the largest of the Antilles.

For her part, Mercy Ramos, Permanent Correspondent of both magazines in Cuba, offered an overview of the content of the issues presented, whose central theme is, of course, Havana, tribute of these editions to the 500th anniversary of the foundation of the Cuban capital which continues being the center of the articles of both publications during the next year 2020.

These presentations were also made next to the inauguration of the Model Town visual arts exhibition, shown in that restaurant, by artists Alfredo Sarabia, Erick Alfaro, María Karla Watson and Damián Aquiles. The closing ceremony was in charge of a small jazz jam session led by musicians Rodrigo García Ameneiro, Frank Calzadilla and Alejandro Calzadilla.