Emcomed, an important support to prevent COVID-19

Emcomed, an important support to prevent COVID-19

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The Medicines Marketing and Distribution Company (Emcomed), about to turn 16 years old, is currently an essential prop in the fight against COVID-19 in Cuba, as it is responsible for the distribution of vaccines, diagnosticians and all the drugs used to combat and prevent this terrible disease.

In these years, the quality of services provided by that company constitutes a guarantee for its clients, due to its capacity and wide technological possibilities, which have allowed it to satisfy the demands.

It is for these reasons that Emcomed occupies a prominent place as a logistics entity in the Cuban pharmaceutical sector, fundamental to guarantee a good quality of life for the entire population of the island. There are numerous examples that can be mentioned in terms of distribution in time and complying with all the established safety parameters of Cuban vaccines in the country by Emcomed.

In the case of Las Tunas province, in just 24 hours, more than 16,200 Abdala bulbs were distributed, with adequate hygiene and temperature conditions. In Holguín, Emcomed was the entity responsible for distributing 30,000 bulbs -300,000 doses- of the Abdala vaccine, while in Santiago de Cuba the delivery was over 50,000 bulbs.

These are just a few samples of the daily work carried out by Emcomed without sparing time or efforts. When the entire population is vaccinated next November, the workers of that entity will be able to proudly affirm they contributed, to a great extent, to beating the pandemic in Cuba.