Essential clarification

Essential clarification

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By Mercy Ramos, permanent correspondent for Cubaplus magazine in Cuba

Reviewing the national press, as we usually do, we found that on December 28, 2020, the digital edition of Granma newspaper carries an article on the so-called independent press media.

In the image illustrating the note, the name Cuba Plus Online appears in a logo that is not ours, because it is not our magazine and we want to clarify the following: The Canadian magazine CubaPLUS was born in 2007, and has been duly registered in Canada and accredited since 2008 by the International Press Center of Cuba, an entity belonging to the island's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The idea of ​​creating the magazine arose in 2007, at the initiative of the publication's founding director, Mr. Dominic Soave, and the Latin American News Agency Prensa Latina. Through the 14 years the magazine has been published, that news agency has been and is the co-publisher and distributor in Cuba of CubaPLUS.

The purpose of CubaPLUS was and continues to be to objectively promote the values ​​of the Cuba destination, its natural beauties, its culture, traditions, advances in health and sports, among other issues, in the Canadian market, first issuer of tourists to the island.

Subsequently, its distribution was expanded to the United States, the English-speaking Caribbean, as well as numerous Latin American countries, with a supplement in Spanish —CubaPLUS Latinos— created four years later.

Our magazine has also an official website:, in addition to being active on all social networks. For other incidents that we have had with posts on the so-called Cuba Plus Online site, we attach a recently issued communication.