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Father's Day, a special day

By: Mercy Ramos
Jun 16, 2024
Father's Day, a special day

 Parents also have their day of recognition and celebration and, if mother and father are the same, since he is the male figure who guides the children in pursuing their life.

 Decades ago the father was often seen as an arrogant and dominant, but times change and, with the liberation of women, as it is called in Cuba to the recognition of the place that women occupy in society, men, in this In the case of the father, he has the same duties as the mother in the home.

 Today, even on many occasions, the work that the mother performs is essential for a company and the father can take care of the young children by benefiting from a license, which was once reserved only as a mother's right. Finally, if you look from another point of view the father has also been freed.

 Now let's get to what concerns us, the celebration of Father's Day. According to the history the first time it was decided to celebrate parents was at the beginning of the 20th century in USA by a woman, Sonora Smart Dodd, who wanted to pay tribute to her father, William Jackson Smart, a veteran of the American Civil War, for the sacrifice he had to make her to raise her and her five siblings on a Washington farm, after they Her mother died in childbirth.

 Initially, Sonora proposed that the holiday be celebrated on June 5 to coincide with her father's birthday, but due to lack of time to organize the celebration appropriately, it was decided to postpone it to the third Sunday in June. The Sonora initiative gained support, so in 1910 the state of Washington was the first to officially celebrate Father's Day on the third Sunday in June.

 The idea is gone spreading to other states of the country until 1972, under the mandate of President Richard Nixon, a law was passed in Congress that made Father's Day official on a national holiday.

 In Cuba, the first celebration of Father's Day dates back to 1938, when writer Dulce María Borrero, carried out several actions to establish this tradition as an example of love to the affection given by parents.

 Around the world, many countries celebrate Father's Day on the third Sunday in June, between them Canada, Argentina, Trinidad Tobago, Puerto Rico and many others on the American continent, although there are other states where the celebration has a specific day.

 However, whether it is the third Sunday in June or another day, what cannot be ignored is the recognition of the male figure who, together with the mother, contributes to the formation of the men and women of the future.


  Reaching all parents in the world and, especially, Cubans, a big congratulation for this beautiful celebration.

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