Frank Domínguez accustomed us to inspiration and feeling

Frank Domínguez accustomed us to inspiration and feeling


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In front of a piano with a very personal style and great communication gift, Frank Domínguez, the author of “You accustomed me”, was one of the protagonists of Havana bohemian for several decades, remaining in history among the most important composers of Cuban music.

On October 9, 1927, Francisco Domínguez Padrón was born in the town of Güines, present-day Mayabeque province and, with his parents, he moved to the city of Matanzas, where at the age of 11 he began studying piano at the Orbón Conservatory.

At the request of the family, in 1947 he obtained a Pharmacy degree at the University of Havana, which he ended, but never exercised, because he followed the powerful call of music, fortunately for the Latin American songbook, to which he bequeathed numerous themes, including the legendary "You accustomed me."

He composed it as a result of a meeting with the so-called Tenor of the Antilles, René Cabell, in the bar of hotel Océano, where he began his professional career in the 1950s. The song was initially recorded by the Orquesta Casino de la Playa and performed by artists of various generations and countries: among them, Pedro Vargas, Toña La negra, Lucho Gatica, Olga Guillot, Benny Moré, Chavela Vargas, Caetano Veloso, Domenico Modugno, Tom Jones, Mina, Gal Costa, Maria Bethanhia, María Dolores Pradera, Lola Flores, Luis Miguel, Sara Montiel, Gipsy Kings, Paloma San Basilio, Andrea Bocelli ...

More than 200 works were registered in his name, also of great popularity, such as "Images", "Take refuge in me", "If you would like", "Little piece of heaven", "How dare you?", and others that he created pure inspiration, which for him was a value in composition. 

In addition to his notable forays in radio and television, among other media, he performed and made an epoch in the main nightclubs of Havana in the 50s of last century, such as the famous and gone cabaret Sans Souci, and clubs in Vedado where until the 1970s it was a luxury to find him, often accompanied by the great Elena Bourke.

Frank Domínguez, also considered a master in the filin (feeling) movement, which shook Cuban music in the middle of last century, believed in the inspiration to compose his songs, and said he received the muses mainly at dawn, usually first the lyrics, but always expecting a lot of emotion and feeling.