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Hairdresser, a profession almost as old as humanity

By: Cary Chaviano
Aug 25, 2021
Hairdresser, a profession almost as old as humanity

The hairdresser or stylist, the specialist who has the ability to modify anyone's hair, thereby improving the look, extremely important especially when someone is interested in looking good at an important event or interview.

That is why today it is impossible to do without a stylist since, in addition to a haircut, he or she has the ability to do a beautiful hairstyle, a treatment to improve the health of it, apply suitable dyes according to the color of the hair, the client's skin, among other services. 

Such a specialist has existed practically since the emergence of mankind because, at least, everyone has a need to cut their hair and, of course, comb it. According to history, the hairdresser dates back to the 13th century, when the service was only available to the nobility.

At that time, the members of the European courts and those of the upper classes in general, wore wigs so that professionals of the sector, who were always male and commoners, took care of the work. At that time, King Louis IX of France decided to appoint his hairdresser a free man, a title equivalent to that held by the gentlemen and doctors of the time.

The action took place on August 25, 1270. For this reason, the date was adopted as International Hairdresser's Day, which is currently celebrated throughout the world. With the development of humanity and technologies, in addition to a traditional haircut or hairstyle, there are many other possibilities in the hands of these experts, ranging from applying products capable of turning curly hair straight, to lengthening it, thanks to the extensions.

Cuba has thousands of them who provide their services with great quality every day. Among the most renowned is Dorian Carbonell, widely known for being a very professional and innovative stylist, who has among his most loyal clients popular Cuban artists, among them musicians Alain Pérez, Diván, the Charanga Latina orchestra and the group Toques del Rio.

If you wish to celebrate this day and entertain your hairdresser or stylist, publish their most beautiful hairstyles and cuts on social networks under the tag #diainternacionaldelpeluquero and they will surely appreciate it.

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