Havana, capital of the Marvelous Real

Havana, capital of the Marvelous Real

Heritage & Traditions

By Alina Veranes

As real as the old foundation stones of its Historic Center, a World Heritage Site, the Cuban capital lives in perennial joy of being assumed by its inhabitants as a Wonder City, just as it was once declared by a prestigious international institution, for the great soul of its people, generator of art, culture, joy of living and hospitality without limits.

Five hundred and two years after its foundation on November 16,1519, its natives also enjoy the assertion of writer Alejo Carpentier when he defined the creation, by inhabitants of Latin America, of the world of marvelous real as the root environment of its existence and base of his cosmogony.

Nothing is impossible according to that rich spirituality, diverse and made up of several cultures, with a predominance of Hispanic and African roots, which endowed the social and cultural heritage of Havana, like the rest of the country, with a strong idiosyncrasy, versatile and in constant movement.

From its Historic Center, with its fortresses, squares and palaces that seem eternal, the capital radiated to the west and is today an urban emporium of some two million inhabitants, of living and creative people, with a strong economic potential that is committed to consolidate multiple treasures to show, among them its great monumental and architectural values.

The main thing is in its people, simple, modest and beautiful, to say spontaneous and talkative, as is proverbial in Cubans. Solidarious and friendly, proud of their streets, where life always beats, its joy and music and unquenchable dance, even in the midst of the most adverse conditions.

City of the popular Malecón, the Tropicana Cabaret, the Rampa and the Coppelia Ice Cream Parlor, the Revolution Square, the Lenin Park -green lung of the City-, the beaches of the East, the legendary Nacional Hotel, Riviera, Capri and Habana Libre...

It has also been the venue for famous festivals such as the New Latin American Cinema, the International Ballet Festival and Boleros de Oro.

Of great continental prestige are the Casa de las Américas Awards and the Havana Biennial, dedicated to fine arts, of great international recognition.

With an intense cultural life, creative even in times of pandemic, it can be ensured that the Cuban capital is one of the most active and fruitful artistic centers in its geographical area. It is worth contacting it.