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Havana Club Rum Museum, honor to which honor is due

By: Mercy Ramos Photos: courtesy of the interviewee and José Tito Meriño
Mar 30, 2024
Havana Club Rum Museum, honor to which honor is due

If there is any product from Cuba that deserves the honor of being described as tradition and Cubanness It is, without a doubt, rum, made for four centuries, with the arrival to the island of sugar cane. Sugar, from which molasses is obtained, is the base product for the distillation of that drink. And when we talk about rum we must mention the Havana Club Museum, a place which has become an icon among institutions of its type, as it allows visitors to delve into the rich history, origins and traditions of Cuba in something that marks the life of the nation.

m-ron-1.jpgPrecisely this March 31, the Havana Club Rum Museum, located in Old Havana, has been founded for 24 years and, according to its director, María Caridad Velázquez Díaz “has played a leading role in the dissemination of the genuine character of the brand, in the dissemination of the history and knowledge of the rum production process from the cane field to the palate,” she said in an exclusive interview with CubaPLUS.

“During these 24 years our specialists have remained in constant preparation and exchange with the masters of Cuban rum and everyone who participates in the process, to provide a real experience during the visit to the museum, taking advantage of the opportunity to captivate and leave them in love with Cuban rum,” she said. This anniversary, she continued, we will celebrate by combining recreation with motivation and knowledge through a factory visit, which for us is considered an exclusive occasion.

That's why every anniversary we try to include that activity in our celebration, which constitutes a stimulus for our workers, without whose dedication and sense of membership of each of them –both specialists and administrative staff – would be impossible to do a good job and meet the expectations of our visitors, she highlighted finally.

A tour of the museum shows it is unique, the guide rings a bell to begin the tour –a time-honored tradition passed in the sugar mills (factories) to announce the beginning of the work day. Several rooms then await the visitor, from which it resembles a sugar cane field, a model of a sugar mill to those that show the different processes of the production of rum and its final result. One of the most attractive places on the tour is the room where the power plant is located, sugar bowl, on a garden scale, from the beginning of the 20th century, where you can see all the factory buildings and even a railway, responsible for transporting the cane from the fields.

m-ron-2.jpgThe model is a great work of art, authored by Lázaro García Driggs. The museum also has a gallery, where numerous artists exhibit their works, which further enriches the visit to the installation. Returning to the theme of the anniversary, it is important to note that Cary, as everyone calls affectionately the director of the installation, she is the founder of the Museum and her love for her work goes beyond her professional responsibility: “having found my true profession, speaking in terms of attending to events, dreaming about what the visitors before traveling, managing to exceed their expectations is for me the best encouragement. I see the museum and I repeatedly find myself saying how nice the museum is. It is a love of many years, I hope I can always improve it” she finally said proudly.

BOX Services: All services include a tour of the museum with a duration of about 45 minutes. Classic: a welcome cocktail and tasting of the Havana Club 7 years. Los Pilares: tasting of 3 Havana Club products: 3 years, 7 years and Teachers Selection. Innovation: tasting of two new products: Havana Club Profundo and Cuban Smokey. Shaker: interaction with the bartender to learn how to prepare two cocktails. Prestige: tasting of products from the iconic collection of Premium and Ultra Premium rums: Selection of Masters, Havana Club 15 years and Unión. Unique Experience: the client tastes the bases available and creates a rum to their liking with the specialist advice, bottles it and labels it.


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