Havana Club surprises with new white aged rum

Havana Club surprises with new white aged rum

Heritage & Traditions


Havana Club Profundo is a new Super Premium aged white rum that presents the brand with a distinctive and complex profile that proudly energizes the tradition of these Cuban spirits.

A press release from Havana Club Internacional SA indicates that the creator of the new aged white, First Master Juan Carlos González Delgado, achieves a perfect balance between intensity and smoothness, achieved by a unique blend of aged rum bases with a higher proportion of spirits and minimal sugar.

The new spirit is exquisite, versatile, complex and reveals a different quality in every sip. Under the slogan "Deep Live" the new white añejo (aged) comes to satisfy knowledgeable and demanding consumers and will allow them to revive natural cocktails such as the classic natural Daiquiri.

Packed in an iconic Havana Club 7-year bottle in its transparent version, it will initially be marketed only in Cuba and will be for sale in almost all the country's retail chain stores.

The joint venture Havana Club International S. A. was created in November 1993 by Cuba Ron S.A., responsible for the production of rum, and the French group Pernod Ricard, to internationally develop the brand through Pernod Ricard's strong worldwide distribution network. Havana Club is the third international rum brand, excluding the US and the world leader in super Premium and superior rums.