Havana Film Festival to screen Chilean movie 'Kill Pinochet'

Havana Film Festival to screen Chilean movie 'Kill Pinochet'

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Cubaplus courtesy of Prensa Latina

The Havana International Festival of New Latin American Cinema will screen this Friday the film 'Matar a Pinochet' (Kill Pinochet), a first work by Chilean director Juan Ignacio Sabatini, which depicts the attempted attack against the dictator in 1986.

During this 42nd edition and under the slogan: 'Lo que receto el doctor' (What the doctor prescribed), the festival proposes an approach to this work based on real events. The film will be screened at Acapulco movie theater in Havana, complying with strict sanitary measures due to Covid-19, organizers said.

With a script written by Sabatini, Enrique Videla and Pablo Paredes; music by Julieta Naranjo and cinematography by Enrique Stindt, the film features the performances by Daniela Ramirez, Cristian Carvajal, Juan Martin Gravina, Gabriel Cañas, Gaston Salgado and Julieta Zylberberg.

Included in the Latin American Panorama section, the Chile-Argentina-Spain film is based on Chile in the 1980s under the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet and tells the story of Ramiro and Tamara who plan an incredible attempt with their comrades in arms to kill the tyrant.

As the director explained, the film aims to be an exciting political action thriller about the operations behind the plan to liberate the country from the tyrant, a theme that is constantly renewed such as the October 2019 protests in Chile, which shows a society jaded that has tried for 34 years to kill the dictator's legacy.

Screened in the Official Section at the Huelva Festival, in Spain; 'Matar a Pinochet' shows an adequate setting and performance by the protagonists Ramirez (Tamara) and Carvajal (Ramiro).

According to specialized critics, the film is obscured and weighed down by a scattered narration, script and editing mistakes, and confusing sequences.