Havanatur Consolidates Actions to Host Megafam 40th  Anniversary

Havanatur Consolidates Actions to Host Megafam 40th Anniversary


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In the year of the 40th anniversary of its foundation, Havanatur will host in Cuba over 400 travel agents of more than 13 countries.

The International Group of Tour Operators and Travel Agencies Havanatur S.A. with its receptive stands out from the beginning for being “the specialist of Cuba” with a relevant performance due to its permanent contribution to the increase of visitors arriving to the Island, for which it counts with a wide sales network of more than 60 offices in the main tourism destinations that offer its clients the possibility of personalized attention.

 “We work on a wide-ranging commercial and communication strategy for this 40th Anniversary that closes with a MegaEvent of training for the network of wholesale and retailers of over 13 countries to be held from September 21 thru 28,  unique opportunity to gather so many professionals of the sector in the Island”, declared Evelyn Guilarte Arencibia, director general.

That event, continued the executive, will organize tours to different sites of the country, from the East to the West, with the most ingenious of its offer and added that since 2013 a mega event of this kind is not carried out.

For the celebration of these four decades in operation, it is thought to launch a new product that will be commercialized for the winter season 2018-2019, based on the concept of Club in Varadero, she explained.

Different from other similar occasions, this will be authentically Cuban, its culture, traditions, dances, history, its food from a site in Varadero, all in the company of ROC-hotels.

“We have made to coincide our central activity with the World Tourism Day, next September 27. We want to fete all who make possible that Havanatur keeps its premise of being the specialist of Cuba and achieve that every visitor who arrives to the island, experiences this is a secure destination and incomparable by the hand of Havanatur”, said the executive in conclusion.