International Children's Day in Cuba

International Children's Day in Cuba

Heritage & Traditions


Children are a privileged sector of the population in Cuba, which remembers International Children's Day on June 1, with favorable results in their care despite the difficult conditions imposed by COVID-19.

The pandemic marks for the second consecutive year the commemoration of this day, which has been celebrated on the island since 1963 and traditionally extends to schools, recreational centers, parks and squares throughout the country, with a variety of celebrations.

The various initiatives for the date take place virtually, reflecting the changes in scenarios that the daily life of the little ones, a vulnerable segment of society, has had to experience, with the center at home as a place for games and school learning through television classes supported by families and teachers.

Education, like health, have been solid pillars in the care of children in the Caribbean nation, which last year registered an infant mortality of only 4.9 per thousand live births. These two areas have been particularly highlighted by the United Nations Children's Organization (UNICEF), commenting on its website that the Cuban State has shown strong political will to guarantee the adequate progress and well-being of their children.

Among other data, it indicates that the net enrollment rate in primary education is 99.1%, and the gross enrollment rate in secondary education is 96.4%, with high rates of gender parity at all levels of education, and indicates that all births are registered and 99.9% occur in health institutions, assisted by qualified personnel.

The State, he adds, prioritizes the comprehensive development of early childhood with education and health programs such as Maternal and Child Care, "Educate your child" and work in daycare centers. Precise coverage of early childhood care is 96%, through formal and non-formal modalities.

International Children's Day has its precedents in the World Conference on the Welfare of Children, held in Geneva in 1925. Currently, several countries celebrate it on June 1 and others on different dates.