International Hug Day is celebrated today with virtual hugs

International Hug Day is celebrated today with virtual hugs

Heritage & Traditions

By Mercy Ramos

Although this Thursday is celebrated the International Hug Day, this time the day takes place without a physical expression of affection, due to the need for social isolation that the new coronavirus pandemic has plagued the planet for now has imposed for overa year on everyone.

That celebration was created in 1986 by American Kevin Zaborney, concerned about the few displays of affection that people showed in public, including members of his family.

For this reason, he devised to create a holiday that would serve as a pretext for people to do something they like: precisely to give and receive hugs. Psychologists consider that the hug is a demonstration of affection, support and understanding and that regardless of the amount that one person can give to another, the most important thing is the quality.

That is why a strong hug can reflect love, but also support when the recipient has a problem, for example due to the loss of a very dear family member. When parents hug their children, the latter feel safe, protected and loved. Hence the importance of this expression of affection between parents and descendants.

Specialists also consider that hugs are very emotionally beneficial for people, because in addition to being an eloquent manifestation of love and affection, always very necessary, at the moment of action endorphins are released, hormones also known as happiness hormones.

The idiosyncrasy of Cubans has among other characteristics that they are very affectionate and “spread” hugs everywhere to friends and family for any reason.

That is why in the isolation that we live today, they feel awkward because they cannot be as affectionate as they are used to. However, surely, sooner or later hugs will be able to return when Covid-19 is eliminated, be it on January 21 or any day of the year.

That is why, this day you can give "virtual hugs", spoken gestures and words of affection, that surely whoever receives them will appreciate it.