International Linguistic Conference 2017 held in Cuba

International Linguistic Conference 2017 held in Cuba


Prensa Latina service

The Institute of Literature and Linguistics José Antonio Portuondo Valdor, from Havana, celebrates the X International Conference Linguistics 2017 with the presence of Cuban specialists and foreign.

The meeting, which will take place until November 30, convened the language academics to present communication projects, books and other programs, for the purpose of exchanging dialogues on language issues and their more contemporary terminologies.

Linguists from more than 15 countries participate in the forum, who will attend in these two days of sessions to various academic activities and cultural.

As part of the program of this biannual congress, the habitual work in commissions, which will revolve around the lexicography and terminography; on morphology and syntax; analysis of speech and linguistics of the text, among other related issues with discipline. Also included in the congress are presentations of books about recent linguistic studies; about stylistics, semiotics and pragmatics.

In the context of the event, the presentation of the theater piece Lexicographer and rebel, who is inspired by the work El Diccionario, of the dramatist, scenographer, architect and professor Spanish university, Manuel Calzada, winner of the National Prize of Dramatic Literature in 2014.