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International Magician's Day, a tradition full of charm

By: Por Amanda Bedia
Jan 31, 2024
International Magician's Day, a tradition full of charm

In any part of the world, human beings are determined not to let magic die, although sometimes certainly they know or sense that it could well be an illusion, so necessary for the beauty of life as fairy or fantastic tales are for children.

That is why the International Day of Magic arrives with the usual gentle joy on January 31st. Magician, born in honor of the saint Saint John Bosco, who in life was the Italian priest John Melchior Bosco Ochienna, canonized in 1934 as Saint John Bosco. Since 1953, the year in which this day was established by the patron saint of the Magi, Saint John Bosco once again inspires acts of magic, and fun juggling, actions that according to tradition he performed to make the preaching of the divine message more effective, with great acceptance by the faithful, both boys and young people.

Bosco began by captivating the inhabitants of Castelnuovo, his native village, and then beyond the limits of that part of Italy. He died on January 31, 1888, motivating that date to be chosen to pay tribute to him. There were multiple acts of magic that he performed, all to practice charity and beneficial actions in general to those most in need of food, medicine and joy, preferably the humble.

They say his actions also had an educational and comforting message for the children and those suffering. With the passage of time, the practice of magic, illusionism and concomitant acts have become manifestations of culture and entertainment that even have methods and systems of teaching given in schools in the country.

Good taste, respect and creativity have made the disciplines an inevitable art in various settings and squares. David Copperfield, American illusionist, is considered one of the best in his genre and pioneer of modern magic, since his acts are among the most recognized in the world as are the disappearance of the Statue of Liberty, levitating over the Grand Canyon and crossing the Great Wall of China.

It is also believed that the most famous magician and escape artist of the 19th century was Harry Houdini (1874-1926), of Austro-Hungarian origin and naturalized American, who took his professional name from Harry Keller and Robert-Houdin, also notable illusionists.

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