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International Rum Day deserves a big celebration

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Aug 17, 2023
International Rum Day deserves a big celebration

Rum, made from sugar cane by-products, is one of the oldest beverages in the world and today, August 16, celebrates its International Day in honor of workers in the sector, who led a revolt in North America (1760/1783) against the "Sugar Law", then imposed by English rulers.

dia-ron-2.jpgAccording to the story, that law imposed high taxes on sugar and its molasses, which affected the profitability of American rum distilleries. The revolution of these workers ended these restrictions, hence the date chosen to celebrate the day of this spirit, one of the most consumed in the world, which came to the continent through the Genovese Christopher Columbus, who brought sugar to the Caribbean in the fifteenth century.

International Rum Day began to be celebrated in the United States and became popular until today, when numerous countries on all continents celebrate this drink, one of the most famous on the planet. Cuba is one of the main producers of rum worldwide, for which it has 17 rum factories belonging to the two main companies in charge of the elaboration and manufacture of the drink: CUBARON S.A. and the AZCUBA Group.

dia-ron-2.jpgCUBARON is in charge of seven brands, among which Havana Club, one of the most recognized worldwide, Santiago de Cuba, Cubay, Perla del Norte and ultra-premium rums such as Isla del Tesoro (Treasure Island), Eminente and Siglo.

AZCUBA has 14 rum brands in its portfolio, including Mulata, Rumbero, Vacilón, Doble-9, Santero, Santísima Trinidad, Vigía, Conde de Cuba, Relicario, Siboney, Bucanero, Corsario and Regenta.

At present, the elaboration of rum stands out for its flavor and color, hence the different types that exist: white or light, golden, dark and with spices. Colors have been made for tastes and rums for colors.

That is why we invite you today to celebrate this day that well deserves a good Mojito, Daiquirí or Cuba Libre, especially in this hot summer season. Health!

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