January 16, a day of tasty celebration

January 16, a day of tasty celebration


By Mercy Ramos

In the world there are thousands of celebrations throughout the year. Many remember important events in the history of humanity, others commemorate special days of art and others honor professions, but I believe, without a mistake, that one of the best and tastiest journeys is the International Croquette Day, a dish that everyone likes anywhere on the planet.

The croquette, besides being tasty, is a dish that can be prepared with all kinds of food: meats, seafood, vegetables, cheeses, and it is good both for the diet of carnivores and vegetarians.

It is also a very helpful snack, because sometimes it is prepared with the remains of food leftovers from the previous day. The birthdate of its author is not known for sure, but some consider it was an idea of ​​the chef of king Louis XIV in 1619, while others attribute it to the founder of classical cuisine, Monsieur Escoffier, in 1898.

But it is assured the croquette was born in France. According to historical records, croquette was "born" as a dish in 1817, when Antonin Cáreme-French, -chef considered one of the fathers of haute cuisine- decided to present a plate of croquettes at a banquet for Prince Regent of England and the Grand Duke Nicholas from Russia.

This dish so enchanted the noble guests that it was then baptized with the name "Croquettes à la royale", today it is simply croquette. According to international statistics, croquette is the third most consumed bar snacks in Spain, after tortilla and potatoes, and it is estimated that Spaniards consume about 80 25-gram croquettes per capita per year

In Cuba, croquette is such a popular dish that, it can be said, there is no cafeteria or restaurant where croquette is absent from the menu. It is a very practical dish and liked by all Cubans, as there is nothing better and tastier than when noon arrives, lunch time, and you are far from home to taste a sandwich with two croquettes.

That lifts your spirits and energies. So don't think twice, prepare your croquettes today and the whole family will appreciate it.