La Maison: fashion house in Havana

La Maison: fashion house in Havana


By Coco Simpson

La Maison, currently known as Havana’s fashion house, was built in 1946 by architect Manuel Gamba Alvares de la Campa, as the residence of a wealthy family in the capital. Like other luxury residences in the city, it was abandoned by its owners after the triumph of the Revolution.

For a time, it was used as a student residence. Subsequently, on April 15, 1982 it was inaugurated as a fashion house in Havana, with a wide range of services, in an atmosphere of distinction, exclusivity and elegance.

From the beginning of the 90's, modeling began to develop in Cuba as a practice for the defense and promotion of the work of great designers of haute couture and La Maison was the headquarters of Cuban fashion.

The house has different spaces such as event rooms, a piano bar, cafeteria, pool area and a patio with a conventional catwalk to promote fashion shows and evening entertainment with live music and cabaret shows. In addition, it has some boutique stores where clothing, accessories and jewelry of notable aesthetic value and refined taste are sold.

Certainly, the impact generated by Cuban fashion and the consequent work of disseminating the house has unleashed a whole wave of exchanges between creators, artisans and artists who ensure its care and development. In this sense.

A few years ago, two important initiatives were generated that today are considered part of national culture: Fashion Week in Cuba and the great Art and Fashion event, samples of the close relationship between artistic manifestations and well-being.