Lasagna against lovesickness...

Lasagna against lovesickness...


By Alina Veranes

On July 29, two different celebrations informally converge, one dramatic and the other pleasant. Forgive the redundancy to mark its independence: I am talking about the World Day of lovesickness, and the World Day of Lasagna, the famous pasta that we all believe to be one hundred percent Italian, but which is not so much.

Trying to erase the dichotomy and do good, we thought that one of them could complement the other. If you suffer a pain of love you can console yourself eating a delicious lasagna. This will not make you forget the suffering or the object of your unreciprocated feeling, but it will please the palate very much and lift your spirits.

Well, you have to force the mix and it is better to discard the pretended Solomonic solution to the controversy of the day. Talking about each topic separately is best. As old as the feeling of love and the existence of different human cultures has been the persistence of heartbreak, which usually leads us to sadness, melancholy or true states of obsession and despair. For whatever reasons, abandonment, betrayal, jealousy, greed, death or misunderstanding, frustrated lovers have traveled through history, with classic examples in Dante and Beatrice or the everlasting Romeo and Juliet, not to mention the neighbors next door.

So much persistence in that pain that is reproduced along with life itself, it well deserves a tribute or a consolation and for that, without knowing what the specific and specific cause is, we have been good at celebrating the Day of ill will. Perhaps it will help to find the springs to cope with it and show solidarity to the friend or acquaintance who suffers from it.

In the case of the divine lasagna, they say, some notes from the history that originated in ancient Greece, such as a large pastry then called lagum, in the shape of a rectangle or something like that, formed by successive layers of pasta filled with meat or vegetables, always accompanied by cheese.

Later it was the Italian version of this dish, evolved and more delicious, that conquered the world forever. There are a thousand and one variants of lasagna, well baked and exquisitely filled with whatever we like best. Do not hesitate, lasagna is more than worth a party.