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By: Aurora del Valle
Jun 05, 2024

Since June 5, 1973, World Environment Day was designated, to promote awareness about caring for the Earth and slow down the deterioration of the planet as much as possible. Currently, more than 150 countries participate in this activity to create a sustainable world, led by the United Nations Environment Program, UNEP.

This year the date has as its central purpose the restoration of the lands. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will host the celebrations aimed at fighting drought and desertification on the planet. In previous years, efforts were directed against plastic pollution in 2023, in 2022 it was called to live in harmony with nature, in 2021 to the restoration of this only home of Humanity.

It was warned that over the last century, half of all wetlands have been destroyed. In 2014, the situation of small island states and climate change was highlighted. Thus, the illegal animal trade, the theme “Raise your voice, not the sea level” raised awareness about the dangers that island nations face, the protection of our forests and their indiscriminate logging or burning.

Cuba and with it the countries with coasts of the Caribbean Sea, according to specialists in the matter, can face the 2024 hurricane season in the Atlantic, which will begin next week, it is forecast as extraordinary, with the probability of four to seven hurricanes of category three or more.

On June 8, dedicated worldwide to the Oceans, turtle nesting areas will be visited in the fauna refuge in Cayos de Ana María, in the south of Ciego de Ávila, as part of the activities for Environment Day to sensitize people to care for our environment.

Another activity in this field that will be carried out is the Provincial Workshop “Tarea Vida” on June 12, based at the Arley Hernández Moreira Faculty of Medical Sciences, in Morón; and the next day, the Ciego de Ávila Zoological Park complex will serve as the setting for an educational talk about desertification and drought.

Taking care of our environment is taking care of our lives. Let's turn every day of the year into June 5th. Let's take care of our universal home.

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