Letter from the Editor of CUBAplus to the President of Prensa Latina S.A

Letter from the Editor of CUBAplus to the President of Prensa Latina S.A



Havana, June 14, 2019 To: Luis Enrique González President of Prensa Latina

    By this means I send my most sincere congratulations on behalf of myself and the rest of the team that works in the magazine that I represent on the occasion of fulfilling Prensa Latina, on the 16th, the 60th anniversary of its foundation.     During those six decades, Prensa Latina has played an important role in informing the world about the events in Cuba and the rest of Latin America, always in a truthful way to face the defamatory campaigns against the Cuban Revolution and highlight their achievements and their work in favor of the Cuban people.     I think it has not been an easy job but, nevertheless, it has achieved its objective: to inform the reality of this wonderful Island.     I take this opportunity to thank Prensa Latina and all its workers for the magnificent collaboration they have always offered to achieve the realization of the Cubaplus and Cubaplus Latino magazines, without whose help our noble project could not have reached the place it occupies today in the publications that promote Cuba's destiny, its culture and its life in general.     We wish you and all the workers of Prensa Latina many successes in their future work and in their personal lives.


Dominic Soave Director General Cubaplus magazin