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Letter of the year warns about consumption of alcoholic beverages and narcotics

By: CubaPLUS Magazine
Jan 02, 2024
Letter of the year warns about consumption of alcoholic beverages and narcotics

Like every beginning of the year, the priests of the Yoruba Association of Cuba met to make known their predictions for 2024, in which they recommend authorities to increase prevention of the consumption of alcoholic beverages and narcotics, especially among young people.

According to the document issued in the early hours of this year, it also calls attention to the increase in abuse o women and the abandonment of children, as well as criminal acts. In their predictions for Cuba and the world, the Ifa priests gathered at their headquarters in the capital's Prado Avenue, also called for respect for the differences between people to avoid unnecessary conflicts of youths against adults, while the latter must lead by example.

As for the possible diseases that are predicted for these 12 months, there are: related to the lower abdomen, Down syndrome and the increase in neurological ailments and cerebrovascular, as well as skin conditions. Regarding the proverbs, it mentions that ignorance makes a free man a slave; do not ask another for what you are not capable of fulfilling; mother is not only the one who gives birth, but also who breeds. The troublemaker destroys everything and the eyes of parents protect the children.

The ruling deity this year is Elebara, accompanied by Oya and the flag is purple with a scouring pad. The Letter of the Year is a prediction made annually by the Yoruba religion to know the energies and forces that will govern during the next 12 months and is prepared by the babalawos and santeros through a ceremony with snails and other sacred elements.

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