Life, art and understanding on International Music Day

Life, art and understanding on International Music Day


CubaPLUS Magazine

Many countries celebrate International Music Day this October 1st, a cultural manifestation that has always accompanied humanity, both in moments of joy and sadness, and the means of extraverbal communication par excellence.

The event, held for the first time in 1975, is sponsored by the International Music Council of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, at the initiative of the prominent Russian-born American violinist and conductor Yehudi Menuhin (1916-1999).

Encourage the promotion of music in all sectors of society, the application of Unesco ideals on peace and friendship between peoples, the evolution of their cultures, as well as the exchange of experiences and mutual appreciation of their aesthetic values, purposes of commemoration.

When remembering the date, the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation highlights music as a harmonizing element, full of values, of learning, of union between peoples. Music is life, it is art, and through it we can build a better present and future, the institution emphasizes and ensures that "we can move forward, understand each other, take advantage of differences, which should never be inequalities."

With the same objectives as those of Unesco, the day of tribute to this cultural expression is celebrated on different dates in other nations, for example, on November 22 in some European countries, specifically in France on June 21and in Uruguay on October 10th.

In Cuba, justly known to the world as the Island of Music, this manifestation of art is always a party; cradle of genres, composers, groups and performers who have achieved international recognition.

Four elements of the Caribbean country inscribed by Unesco in the lists of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity have precisely put music as an essential component: the rumba, the Cuban punto, the French tumba (dance group) and the parrandas.