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Machiran already has his first child

By: Mercy Ramos Fotos: cortesía del artista
May 03, 2024
Machiran already has his first child

ALEX is the name of the first-born son of the contemporary Cuban R&B singer, Machiran, who feels very happy to already have his first child.

It is a single, whose song has the story of the most intense and longest love relationship that the artist has experienced, especially during the time of the pandemic, but no one said that loving from a distance was easy.

The song, which since May 3 is available on all digital platforms along with the video clip, is named after the boy with whom he has maintained this relationship throughout the time of isolation and afterwards, and narrates the excitement and tension of a first date, the desire to realize everything they had planned for two years, wake up together, dance at home until tired with music at full volume.

In short, everything that one can experience as a couple, Machiran explained exclusively to this magazine. The poetry of the song's lyrics invites you to delve into a beautiful love story and the accompanying music has a fresh sound and catchy melodies that transmit tranquility, subtlety and that together with the nuances of the singer's voice, constitutes an excellent construction site.

This single, he added, I've had it saved for two years and I haven't released it until now, because I am convinced that this is the right moment, because everything happens in time just for the right reason. “I know now is when the world can meet Machiran. I feel like I'm ready. I'm aware of what I want to represent, of the sound I want to defend,” he said.

Directed by Corry Staal (France), produced by the gala audiovisual company DiplomatsTv, the video also had the art direction of Saraí Fiszel, also from that European country, resident in Havana, and the photography of the Cuban Arnol Sthal. For Machiran the single is of utmost importance because in addition to being part of an EP, soon to be released under the name “Agua”, the video is the first with an Afroqueer theme in Cuba.

“ALEX represents the beginning of a new stage in every sense and I only hope that people  welcomed him with the same love that I did,” he finally said.

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