March 14: Cuban Press Day

March 14: Cuban Press Day

Heritage & Traditions


With a marked presence in all sectors of society, the Cuban press celebrates its special day every March 14, reflecting on the current task and also remembering an important milestone in national history, the release of the newspaper Patria, directed by José Martí.

On that date in 1892, in New York, the newspaper was published, aimed at uniting forces and different generations to wage what the apostle of Cuban national independence called the necessary war.

The newspaper, whose printing was financed by Cuban cigar workers established in Tampa and Key West together with Cuban and Puerto Rican intellectuals based in New York, consisted of four pages in four columns, with a format of 52 by 36 centimeters.

It was initially circulated every Saturday, priced at five cents, to pay for its upkeep, and was distributed mainly by mail. In its first issue were posted the Bases of the Cuban Revolutionary Party, a political organization founded by Martí to achieve the independence of Cuba and Puerto Rico, whose constitution was proclaimed shortly after.

This newspaper was born, at a time of danger, to ensure freedom, to contribute making its forces invincible through unity, and to prevent the enemy from defeating us again due to our disorder, says its founder in the first issue.

The National Hero of Cuba, already a recognized journalist who collaborated in prestigious media throughout the continent, undertook an indefatigable work in the Homeland: he wrote, corrected, prepared the packages and took them to the post...and directed the publication until his death in 1895 in the field of battle, where he went, besides being the leader of the revolution for independence, as journalist.

Since 1992, the centenary of the publication that also, according to José Martí, emerged "to join and love, and to live in the passion of truth," March 14 was adopted as the Day of the Cuban Press.