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March 8, a day of combat and optimism

By: Teresa Fiel
Mar 08, 2024
March 8, a day of combat and optimism

Despite having gained many basic rights, in Cuba the spirit of struggle that stimulated the establishment of March 8, by UN decree, as International Women's Day, has not been lost. Only this day has never ceased to accompany her, through spontaneous feelings and also through will or resilience, the joy and optimism so characteristic of the character and actions of Cuban women. Not only because of "in bad weather, good face", but because Cuban women have always been brave and very happy, the majority very extroverted and as enterprising and lovers of action, country and family, as from any point on the planet.

They are people who have always multiplied in generous and altruistic actions and have lavished themselves on internal and external beauties and loves. They are the majority in sectors as important as those dedicated to public health services, in the branch of education, while their representation grows in management positions of entities, productive companies, government institutions, with important positions and as scientists and researchers.

And there are bold women dedicated to unusual jobs, where they are incredible and compete with men. Without losing their tenderness, human depth, or her great sensitivity, so typical of her compatriots. To say Cuban is also to say grace and friendliness. We are living difficult times on the Antillean island and the strength of women is more necessary than ever at a time when powerful manifestations of discrimination and gender violence still persist.

Some of these objectionable facts underestimate gender, skin color or sexual inclination, although there is a Family Code and other actions that support the fight against these scourges. So life is intense, rich and varied in Cuban society where women began to gain prominence as never seen since January 1959.

Today, when there are undeniable labor rights, free access to education and health, equal pay and others in multiple spheres, Cuban women laugh but still fight. They continue fighting to be complete, to develop the country and against annoying, unacceptable lags. You couldn't ask for a more useful content for International Women's Day.

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