May 17, a convening day By

May 17, a convening day By

Heritage & Traditions

By Alina Veranes

Chance and good will have come together to make May 17, for a few years, one of those lucky dates in which several noble causes come together to fight or celebrate as citizens of the world, and in the case of Cubans, as inhabitants of a country that is based on work and faith in life.

Before going beyond our borders, we will say that over 60 years ago, farmers celebrated the Day of the Peasant, in commemoration of a day attached to their struggles for justice, which became a celebration of a new life in which the land was delivered to the one who made it produce with his sweat, starting on 1959.

May 17 also brings us a transcendent World Day, the one dedicated by the UN to Telecommunications and Information Technology Societies, a day that since 2005 has covered the expectations of the celebration for the creation of Internet, the network of networks , which today fascinates and extends its not-as-democratic domains as advertised throughout the world.

Regarding the Internet, the challenge for islanders is to take advantage of the undeniable benefits that communication through this channel provides them, avoiding pitfalls and the manipulations that are made through it. Precautions, but nothing to fear the Internet, is the opinion and the majority attitude of the Creoles.

Another cause gaining space in the country is the fight against Homophobia, Transphobia and Bifovia, which is accentuated worldwide on the date. These days the Cuban Parliament will discuss the new Family Code, in which there are proposed updates to give rights, non-existent until now, for that population sector.

There has been and still is controversy around the issue, but progress will surely be made towards a more inclusive and fair model of society. World Recycling Day is also update in all the economic activity of a blockaded nation, immerse in development plans and improvement of living standards. As can be seen, there is an effervescent activism in the nation, to keep at pace of the times.