National Prize of Theater 2018 is announced in Havana

National Prize of Theater 2018 is announced in Havana


Prensa Latina

 The director of the Cuba’s National Theater of Puppets and Marionettes (Guiñol), Armando Morales, received the National Prize of Theater 2018 for his noteworthy work during more than 50 years in the art of the stage. 

Nominated in several opportunities to this award, Morales sustains the premise that he doesn't believe in recognitions neither encouragement, but he certainly believes in the real daily commitment toward the art. 

In his own words, when he is with his puppet, and his boys also caress it, "the silence is sepulchral", he expressed in an occasion. 

He is a puppeteer actor, designer and artistic director, and he founded together with the mythical Camejo and Pepe Carril brothers, his company on March 14 1963. 

So far, his sketches and designs have been recognized by the contribution that they depict in each staging, as much in Cuba as in other parts of the world. 

His record includes more than 100 titles belonging to a wide repertoire of authors of the Cuban and World’s puppeteer theater. 

Morales is part of the membership of the Cuba’s National Union of Writers and Artists since 1970; he also presided over the Theater for Children’s department of the Scenic Artists Association between 1990 and 1999. 

He belongs to the Committee of Experts of the National Council of Scenic Arts and is a member of the Marionette International Union’s Cuban Committee since 1996. 

Besides, he directs the Cuba National Theater of Puppeteer and Marionette for 17 years, therefore he is noteworthy as one of the most outstanding figures of the Cuban’s contemporary scenic art. 

This important prize will be conferred to Morales on January 22 to celebrate the Day of the Cuban Theater.