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The National Zoo of Cuba invites on its 40th birthday

By: Amanda Bedia, photos: @pindle
Feb 26, 2024
The National Zoo of Cuba invites on its 40th birthday

Somewhat far from the heart of the city, in the municipality of Boyeros, the more than 300 hectares that make up the National Zoological Park. Inaugurated in the last quarter of the 20th century in Havana, they constitute a permanent invitation to meet animals representative of the native fauna and those from other continents, satisfying a common curiosity of many foreign travelers.

zoo-nacional-cuba-40aniv-2.jpgBut what's more, it contributes its experience in the field to its own community. management of protected species, while promoting research aimed at guaranteeing the reproduction and breeding in captivity of zoological species of high value to those who visit it, since they instill in them knowledge that reinforces awareness in the effort to preserve the fauna. However, it never fails to fulfill the primary function of being an eminently recreational facility, with an environmental focus yes, but a place of pleasure and recreation for big and small families and vacationers.

It was built under modern parameters established in that type of institution, which is why it is an area where animals live in apparent freedom in meadows, moats and large enclosures. There they have reproduced some of the basic conditions similar to those that exist in their habitats of origin, to facilitate their existence and even reproduction, which in some cases must be assisted in a specialized manner by science, since captivity causes disturbances in it, as well as the distance from its natural environment. Before that great National Zoological Park was inaugurated in March 1984, the residents of the capital and all Cubans enjoyed and still do, the Zoological Garden located on Calle 26, in the residential area of Nuevo Vedado, very popular. But that charming place was becoming small and after a process carried out specifically in the lands of the Calabazar enclave, it could inaugurate the new facility.

zoo-nacional-cuba-40aniv-3.jpgIn its implementation, the scientific contribution of Dr. Abelardo Moreno Bonilla is praiseworthy, together with Celia Sánchez Manduley, on behalf of the direction of the country. Both builders and people in general of the surroundings mobilized by organizations worked hard to transform a land that used to house quarries, into a beautiful Zoo park. Not by chance did it soon gain the sympathy of the inhabitants of the city of Havana and its visitors after 40 years of existence. The balance of its management and services is very positive in a general sense.

With an area of 342 hectares, in which thousands of of plants, according to data released by the press, is the forestry that occupies fifth place in the country as a notable site of bird watching. There are about 130 species and it is considered a corridor of the migratory ones. Edicts established by its management grant it the status of Professor Unit at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Agrarian University of Havana, of the Higher Institute of Science and Applied Technologies and the Villena Revolución Polytechnic Institute.

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