“Neither from here nor there: two different approaches to the same theme

“Neither from here nor there: two different approaches to the same theme

Visual Arts

CubaPLUS Magazine

“Neither from here nor there” is the title of the photo exhibition inaugurated this Friday at the Castillo Mansion, in Vedado, by lens artists Liza Camilo and Daylene Rodríguez, with the same theme: Cuba.

Photographers, artists, mothers of families, of the same generation, but with different origins, blend into a unique space, to surprise with their lenses different perspectives of the same reality filtered by art.

Liza Camilo, a New Yorker but with a Cuban mother, while Daylene Rodríguez, from Matanzas and an innate Cuban, share the same passion: photography, which allows them to express their feelings for everything that surrounds them from an individual point of view.

For Liza, photography is like reading a novel without words, since it allows her to transport herself to the moment of capturing the image over and over again, while Daylenela considers it an intuitive and expressive act; the feeling of opening your mind to lucidly observe everything that interests you.

The exhibition, curated by Mayda Tirado and Lia Milanés, will be open until August 29 and can be visited at the Mansion, located on 11th Street between Paseo and 2, Vedado, especially on weekends. along with the presentation of various artistic shows.