New book about Cuba for sale in Mexico and Spain

New book about Cuba for sale in Mexico and Spain

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Knowing Cuba is the new book written by researcher from Cienfuegos, Manuel Inocente Vega Hernández, for sale as an Ebook through Amazon in Mexico and Spain for those interested in expanding information on the largest of the Antilles.

Conceived in the form of questions and answers, the work reflects the geographical, economic and social setting of the Island; its nature, its history -from the aborigines to the present-, the characteristics of each of the 15 provinces of the country, the tourist centers, traditions, customs and religions, as well as the expressions of national culture.

It can be affirmed that the book resembles a whole great encyclopedia, extremely useful, both for tourists and for students of the Cuban land, from all points of view.

Its author, born in the southern center of the city of Cienfuegos, has a scientific training - graduated physicist and Master in Medical Physics-, in his spare time he dedicated himself to writing chronicles about all aspects of Cuban society that became the book Knowing about Cuba.

Those interested in the magnificent work can purchase it through the following links: