New cartoon pays tribute to Alicia Alonso

New cartoon pays tribute to Alicia Alonso

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"Tito Reacciona a Alicia Alonso" (Tito reacts to Alicia Alonso) is the title of the new cartoon by the successful Mexican youtuber series that pays tribute to Prima Ballerina Assoluta, who would celebrate her birth centennial last December, which will premiere next weekend throughout Cuba.

A press release in the Cuban capital adds that the script written and produced by Daniel Martín Subiaut, creator of the charismatic character, will bring us the history and legacy of the Caribbean dancer for the knowledge and enjoyment of new generations.

The process was supervised by Pedro Simón, director of the National Museum of Dance, and has the sound design of Maestro Edesio Alejandro, National Music Prize. 

The film shares the billboard with the feature film "El Cano y Magallanes", nominated in 2019 for the Goya awards for best animated film, the information indicates.

This production of the Latin Institute of Music (LIM), in collaboration with the National Ballet of Cuba, constitutes a tribute to the only artist, who without being a musician, received the Star of the Century award from the LIM, in the year of her centennial.