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On Cuban Press Day, commitments and challenges

By: Teresa Fiel
Mar 14, 2024
On Cuban Press Day, commitments and challenges

The Cuban press celebrates its day every year with satisfaction and, at the same time, commitment involved in celebrating a new anniversary of the newspaper Patria foundation, created by the National Hero José Martí within the preparations of the last anticolonial war, March 14, 1892.

Saying José Martí in the largest of the Antilles continues to be a source of pride and ineffable feelings, since the poet, writer and brilliant intellectual was not only a significant figure in his time in the intellectual field, he was also a revolutionary dedicated body and soul, his entire life, to the fight for the freedom of his land. By honoring the foundation of the historic newspaper Patria, from where the also called Maestro worked for the unity and contribution of Cubans who loved independence,

The national journalistic union is inclined to follow ideological assumptions drawn by the distinguished patriot. From the essence of that publication, Cuban journalists feel called to constantly improve themselves, be faithful to the truth, to decorum, to love with their heart the land where they were born, apply constructive criticism and work for the development of the nation from their field of action.

There are many purposes, all linked to principles, to genuine values such as work, study, improvement, constant updating, solidarity and humanism. In this effort, as in other sectors, it faces the blockade that is carried out on Cuba and materially affects the functioning of that profession, increasingly computerized and developed in the world, with resources that are prevented from reaching this country.

Pressing and reflecting more strongly the reality of today's Cuban society is a goal, a commitment and a challenge with which the Cuban press continues to wake up today, this March 14. May all Cuban journalists receive well-deserved congratulations on their day.

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