Pediatricians from Latin America and Europe in Congress, in Cuba

Pediatricians from Latin America and Europe in Congress, in Cuba


Prensa Latina

Dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Cuban Society of Pediatrics, pediatricians from Latin America and Europe will participate in the XXVIII Congress of that specialty that will open its doors in January 24 in Havana, the organizers announced. 

About 400 representatives between national and foreign which includes a delegation from the United States and colleagues from Qatar, will be present in the meeting that will be held in the Havana International Conference Center until next January 26. 

In press conference, the chairman of the organizing committee, Gladys Abreu, said that the forum takes place in a moment in which Cuba achieved the lowest infant mortality rate of its history: four for each thousand born alive. 

The event, underlined, besides expound on the results which made possible these achievements, will set out the way Cuban specialists will give continuity and keep such outstanding results up. 

For the former president of the Cuban Society of Pediatrics which supports the meeting, the preventive medicine in health is essential to achieve it. Not only we want that the children to be born alive, but also they grow in a healthy way. 

In her opinion, only will be possible to achieve encouraging healthy lifestyles since the childhood avoiding this way to catch chronic diseases during the adulthood, she emphasized. 

About 130 scientific works will be exposed as part of the Congress’s academic program which also includes the VII International Symposium of Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care and the II International Symposium of Childcare. 

A novel meeting will be the Symposium on Vaccines, in which preliminary results of a Cuban injectable vaccine against pneumococcus that causes pneumonias will be submitted. 

The vaccine, after concluding the clinical trial stage, will be immediately added to the children’s vaccination scheme which brings together immunization against 13 diseases, most of the vaccines developed and manufactured in our own production plants. 

The Angel Arturo Aballi prize (1880-1952) that pays tribute to the precursor of this discipline in the island and founder of the Cuban society of Pediatrics, will be awarded in three categories: Young researcher; health care pediatrics and basic pediatrics, the last one aimed to applied researches into the clinical medicine.