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Prensa Latina, a communication referent

By: CubaPLUS Magazine
Jun 09, 2024
Prensa Latina, a communication referent

The Latin American news agency Prensa Latina is today a referent of participative and integrating  , the Coordinating Committee for Peace, Sovereignty, Integration and Non-interference (CPAZ, in Spanish) of Ecuador assured.

Nearing the 65th anniversary of the agency, the president of CPAZ, Yumac Ortiz, highlighted the communicational work of Prensa Latina (PL), its broad and open vision, and how it represents events in their true dimension.

He stressed that Prensa Latina opens its news services for those who have no voice, “to the various organizations and social movements, to the multicultural and multiethnic diversity of the peoples, rescuing our historical memory, culture, identity and development, as well as the defense of rights”. According to Ortiz, the agency plays a fundamental role in the defense of human rights, libertarian and progressive struggles for decolonization, and in denouncing social injustices.

From Ecuador, the news agency also received congratulations and admiration from journalist Luis Onofa, who recalled that Prensa Latina was created to speak the truth about the Cuban Revolution, the peoples of the world and Latin America.

Likewise, Edwin Castro, head of the Sandinista Party in the Nicaraguan Parliament, highlighted the work of the agency and its search for the truth in the midst of this troubled world, where the big news networks are at the service of imperial economic interests, he said.

In Castro’s opinion, Prensa Latina has successfully maintained 65 years of alternative news, bringing the reality of Cuba and the region to the world.

The Latin American News Agency emerged in the context of the so-called Operation Truth, activated by the triumphant revolutionary government of the island (January 1, 1959) in order to dismantle the defamatory campaigns against it.

(With information and photos from Prensa Latina)

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