Prominent puppeteers were prize winning in Cuba

Prominent puppeteers were prize winning in Cuba


Prensa Latina

The actress and artistic director of Teatro de Marionetas El Arca (puppet show theater El Arca), Miriam Sanchez, and Rene Fernandez, artistic director and playwright of the Teatro Papalote (kite theater), deserved the Hermanos Camejo and Pepe Carril prize, was announced in the western city of Matanzas. 

Sánchez, specified the jury, has a noteworthy work in the animation and performance proven in many opportunities. Training of new puppeteers distinguishes her work, besides the responsibilities in the International Union of Marionettes (UNIMA) and the Cuba’s National Union of Writers and Artists (UNEAC). 

Fernandez, playwright, designer and artistic director of the Teatro Papalote, won the National Prize of Theater in 2007, together with other important awards, emphasized the judgement. 

He has been dedicated to the teaching work in the puppet theater and organized events which praise the puppeteer art in Cuba, besides to direct and to design productions abroad, he possesses the International Prize Assitej like playwright inspiration and he is UNIMA International’s Member of Honor. 

Devised with honorary character, the mentioned award takes the name of the siblings Pepe and Carucha Camejo and Pepe Carril, founders of the national puppet theater and pioneers, in a professional way, in the stimulation of this old art form for all over Cuban provinces during the sixties. 

The prize highlights to those personalities of the theater for children and marionette theater, born in the Island or not who have contributed with their professional work to the development, promotion and to dignify the tableau art in Matanzas province. 

The ceremony of award delivery, which is held each two years, will coincide with the celebration in that Cuban city of the XIII International Marionettes Workshop (Titim), planned for the coming month of April. 

The jury was composed by the theater specialist Yudd Favier and the playwrights, critics and investigators Ulises Rodríguez Febles and Thorny Norge who analyzed 10 artists nominated by members of the UNEAC and UNIMA Cuba.