A new Salvadoran Colmenita group is created with Cuban consultancy

A new Salvadoran Colmenita group is created with Cuban consultancy


Prensa Latina

La Colmenita, a children theater’s community project created in Cuba and widespread in several countries, will take its participatory magic to the Salvadoran municipality of Cinquera. 

Founded 28 years ago by the Cuban professor Carlos Tin Cremata, La Colmenita come to this Central American nation in 2015 from the president Salvador Sanchez Ceren himself, in love with its educational potential. 

Since then, the infant groups opened in El Salvador outnumber about twenty, and they even carry out an annual festival where the children and girls perform works of profound human sense, without losing the happiness. 

Now the troop advised by the Cuban educators Marta Palacios and Luis Manuel Iglesias arrives to Cinquera, 70 kilometers away from this capital, to expand the spaces of coexistence and the creative horizons. 

The Office of Presidency’s Secretary of Culture and Cinquera mayor’s office agreed the necessary requirements to start the project next April.    

Cesar Pineda, director of the Culture House program, released that after this event, new Colmenitas project will be founded in the municipalities of Jutiapa, Guazapa and San Vicente, to cover all the departments of the country.