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She and he in blue, collection by Manolo González

By: CubaPLUS, photos: José Tito Meriño
Jun 22, 2024
She and he in blue, collection by Manolo González

For the talented designer Manolo González, ”design is as important as his life¨, for therefore, participating in the recently concluded Cubaindustria 2024 Fair presenting his collection "She and He¨ is returning home, it is “breathing again¨.

manolo-gonzalez-1.jpgIn statements to this magazine, González, designer of the Alba clothing company, specialized in denim garments, expressed his satisfaction for having been able to present that jeanswear collection for both sexes, as part of the exhibition activities, which It is characterized by simple and geometric cuts. They are pieces joined by interior stitching and on the wrong side, that is, the opposite side of the fabric, he explained.

According to the designer, the collection is dedicated to generation Z (1995-2000) and presents all the jean styles of the season: skinny, straight, wide and bell cut...sporty look, with laced T-shirts and sashes, short jackets and small structured geometric shirts. Of course, without losing the sexy and rebellious touch that characterizes my style.

The quality of the collection presented by González at the fair: Ella y el en azul, made it possible for him to achieve the award as Relevant Collection in Cubaindustria 2024.

With an experience of around two decades, Manolo has participated in numerous catwalks and events related to fashion, including Habana Moda and Cuba es Moda, with several design awards, including the Design Award from the National Design Office (ONDI) for the True Blue collection for women and Blue Boy, for men.

manolo-gonzalez-1.jpgThe Cubaindustria 2024 exhibition fair, which ended this Friday, took place at the venue capital of Pabexpo for four days, parallel to the IV International Convention Cubaindustria, and it was an opportunity to show the potential of the different branches of that sector, as well as the possibilities of sustainable and productive businesses that allow the increase in national production.

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