Singles Day, love or consumption?

Singles Day, love or consumption?

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Singleness is for many a synonym of free will, for others of unwanted temporary loneliness to which it is a question of putting an end to, but, in any case, this November 11 is the Singles Day, which has been acquiring a look each time more commercial.

This date is one of those unique days that appear on international calendars, and many people and countries celebrate, regardless of pressing socioeconomic problems, and perhaps for that reason, as an escape from the greater evils of humanity, and even as celebrations frankly induced by the businessmen.

The day has been held since 1993 with origin in the University of Nanking, China, a country where marriage has a special significance, and its numerical  representation, 11/11, "double eleven", highlights the number one, as a symbol in that Asian land of "single person".

Singles' Pride Day, commemorated in various nations on February 13, Valentine's Eve or Valentine's Day (and Friendship Day), highlights the opportunity to spend time getting to know yourself on the way to life, self-realization, reestablish relationships and meet new people, undertake trips of your choice, have a greater capacity to save money ...

This last aspect constituted a fundamental turning point for the universalization of the date: in 2012 Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., a Chinese electronic commerce entity, registered the term “double eleven” and the commercialization soared.

According to specialized sources, sales on this holiday have been of such magnitude that they compete with those of the emblematic Black Friday (Black Friday), which inaugurates Christmas shopping after Thanksgiving in the United States, and Cyber ​​Monday, the following Monday.

Beyond ¡Long live Singleness! or Long live consumption! This day can be celebrated by giving cheers to love, in which, deep down, many singles believe, and keeps two people together, or more, voluntarily atypical, takes one or a single for a walk in solitude, let's see what you find ...