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The solar eclipse in Cuba, a highly anticipated event

By: Mercy Ramos, photo: Luis Enrique Ramos
Apr 08, 2024
The solar eclipse in Cuba, a highly anticipated event

For anyone knowing that an eclipse will occur always arouses curiosity, for being a meteorological phenomenon that does not happen every day. This Monday everyone, specifically on the American continent, waits impatiently for the time of the event to arrive, as another one like it will not be possible for many years.

According to Luis Enrique Ramos, coordinator of the Society's Meteorological History Commissiony of Cuba, this afternoon, Cuban time, a total eclipse of the Sun will be visible in a part of Mexico, the United States, Canada and the Atlantic Ocean. In Cuba, the phenomenon will be seen as a partial eclipse. The data for Havana, calculated by the Institute of Geophysics and Astronomy, are: start, 1:39 p.m.; maximum phase (42%), 2:53 p. m.; final, 4:05 p.m. m. So much for the scientific data. However, this specialist has drawn the attention of versions circulating on the social networks, specifically WhatsApp, about the need to turn off cell phones and other devices electronics because supposedly the planet will have very high radiation.

Fake news, as it is known, only seeks to profit from the information. Something that our interlocutor noticed, he kindly gave us a few hints to clarify everything related to the eclipse, do not look directly at the Sun, only with filters technically certified against ultraviolet radiation, as it can cause blindness due to retinal involvement.

The last solar eclipse visible in Cuba occurred on July 29, 1878; while the next will occur on June 13, 2132, in the east of the country. It only remains for us to reiterate that one must not look directly at the sun because it can affect your health and we wish you a beautiful afternoon.

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