Suggestive and attractive restaurants that you should not miss

Suggestive and attractive restaurants that you should not miss


By Rose Ross

For lovers of culinary art and gastronomic service it is difficult to decide on one or the other option within such diversity. Depending on where you are staying and your favorite foods, you can go to 8 very attractive restaurants, where delight and comfort are part of the menu.

Scattered throughout different areas of the city are La Dama del Abanico, San Cristóbal, Le Chansonnier, Ópera, La Catedral, Nero di Seppia, Bon Apetite and Mercy Bar Café. Each one, with very peculiar characteristics, meets the established quality standards and stands out for its originality and, in most cases, a long history of restoration.

If you prefer Italian food, Nero di Seppia and La Dama del Abanico are recommended. The first is in Miramar, while the second is in Old Havana. These are two establishments where the dishes offered are not interpretations of that gastronomy, but are faithful exponents of the Neapolitan recipe book, because their owners, father and daughter respectively, are natives of Italy.

In the vicinity of La Dama del Abanico is the San Cristóbal Restaurant, which, for more than 3 decades, has achieved great popularity for attracting great international personalities, among whom ex-President Barack Obama and the renowned American musician and singer, Jon Bon Jovi.

Dedicated to music and singing specifically are Le Chansonnier (The singer) and Opera, both nestled in El Vedado, with exquisite refinement and an environment where pure art is breathed. In both you can enjoy gourmet-style dishes of international food.

Also in El Vedado there is La Catedral with very varied options of cocktails and national and foreign food; an intimate space, where avant-garde and tradition are unified in an optimal product.

For their part, Bon Apetite and Mercy Bar Café, both located on Avenue 1st and 70 in Miramar, offer the public a very special atmosphere because they are by the sea. Each one with its particularities, one more casual in style than the other, have become places of high demand for the beauty of their natural environment and the quality of its services.

Good taste and commitment to customer service are key elements for these restaurants. If you are not decided in which direction to go, this small guide can help define the path, always with the maxim of respect for sanitary and hygienic measures to go to these special places that you should not miss.



La Dama del Abanico

Calle Compostela #13 e/ Chacón y Cuarteles, Habana Vieja. La Habana, Cuba

+53 54 787 559


San Cristóbal

San Rafael 469 e/ Lealtad y Campanario, Centro Habana, La Habana, Cuba

+53 53 394 017

+53 78 601 705


Le Chansonnier

+53 78 321 567

+53 52 589 388



Calle 5ta No. 204 e/ E y F, Vedado, La Habana, Cuba

+53 78 312 255

+53 52 631 632


La Catedral

Calle 8 e/ Calzada y 5ta, Vedado, La Habana, Cuba

+53 78 300 793


Nero di Seppia

Calle 6 no. 122 e/ 1ra y 3ra, Miramar, Playa, La Habana, Cuba

+53 54 787 871

+53 52 904 984


Bom Apetite

Paseo Marítimo 1ra y 70, Miramar, La Habana, Cuba


Mercy Bar Café

Paseo Marítimo 1ra y 70, Miramar, La Habana, Cuba

+53 59 361 254