The sandwich, a very helpful and tasty dish

The sandwich, a very helpful and tasty dish


By Mercy Ramos

When people talk about a sandwich, “mouths water”, because they always think of two slices of bread covering slices of ham, cheese, sausages, vegetables or other food, an exquisite snack, liked by everyone, without exception.

Even the Royal Academy of the Spanish language includes it in its definitions since 1927, from which it can be deduced the importance of the sandwich, which is very helpful on many occasions, when there is not much time to cook.

Then it is used as a light but nutritious dish and, above all, very tasty on the palate. Precisely because of its great popularity in the world, it was decided to celebrate World Sandwich Day every November 3, birthdate of the Englishman John Montagu, IV Earl of Sandwich, who was a great fan of card games and also good cooking.

So to avoid dirtying the cards while playing, he wrapped the meat in two slices of bread to eat, giving birth to the dish that is currently known throughout the world.

As it has been known, there are five types of sandwich that are the most famous in the world and, it should be noted, to the pride of Cubans, that one of them is the popular Cuban Sandwich, well known in countless countries around the world.

There are even many restaurants that have it as a house specialty. The preparation of the Cuban Sandwich is simple: it is made with 2 slices of baguette-type bread, cooked ham, Swiss cheese, roast pork, mustard and olive oil to slightly grid the sandwich.

In any case, if you do not have all the ingredients, you are advised to try others you may have at hand and you will see that it will surely be tasty and, in a short time, you taste this delicacy of the gods.