Tour guides, essential hosts

Tour guides, essential hosts

Heritage & Traditions

By Alina Gomez

Inform, guide, share, accompany and help are some of the words that define the very varied functions of tour guides, already essential hosts of visitors from other latitudes, in a travel industry of increasing global importance, although temporarily slowed by the pandemic of covid-19.

Every February 21, since 1990, the International Day of the Tourist Guide is celebrated, a date chosen because it was the day, five years before, when the World Federation of Professional Tourism Guides (WFTGA) was created, aimed at dignifying the profession and raise its promotion.

With the notable development of tourism in Cuba in recent decades, a large sector of guides has been formed, dedicated to showing the many attractions of the Caribbean archipelago, with professionalism and the hospitality that characterizes its population.

Among them, Osmany Acosta Ramos, for who the mission of the tourist guide stands out to achieve the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of the client. With an experience of more than 12 years in this trade, mainly in the Gaviota tourism group, Osmany has found that this work requires knowledge, a lot of patience and a little (a lot) of psychology, as he told Cubaplus Magazine.

Specialized in the German language, he began as a guide in bicycle tourism, bike tours to the center of the island, and later he dedicated himself to cultural tourism, practically from Cape San Antonio to the tip of Maisí (western and eastern extremes of the country).

In this role, he has gone to places he never thought to visit and this is precisely one of the advantages that he points out of his profession: self-improvement, the constant need to study in order to transmit knowledge.

Osmany, before starting to guide tourists had a stable position in a hotel, but does not regret his decision to change and longs, like so many other tour guides in the world, to return to the road, to exchange facts that characterize tourism and unite peoples.