To travel to Cuba is legal and safe, American manager affirms

To travel to Cuba is legal and safe, American manager affirms


Prensa Latina

The president of the American promoting trip Organization toward Cuba, Insight Cuba, Tom Popper, reiterated that to travel to the island is legal and safe, a fact on which many North American don’t have a total clarity. 

Cuba continues being a legal and safe destination, he emphasized during a press conference held in the Melía Cohiba hotel, in which also participated the president of Viajes Cuba (Cuba Travels) of the Island’s Ministry of Tourism, José Manuel Bisbe. 

Popper remembered that the Caribbean country has been recognized at world level by its safety, situation that the government of the United States insists to ignore with his warnings to the citizens about presumed risks on Cuban soil. 

In this respect, Bisbe described of unfounded the opinions expressed from the northern nation, where authorities and the media use the term ' attacks ‘referring to health’s claimed situations showed by American diplomats in Havana, in spite of the absence of proofs. 

Cuba points out that doesn't exist some evidence that hold the thesis of the called by the media ‘sonic attack’ and put forward by the current administration like spearhead of its declared aim to curb the bilateral rapprochement which began in December 2014, during Barack Obama's administration. 

North American authorities in charge of the investigations and congress members admit that they have not found proofs about such facts, scenario that confirms the warnings that Donald Trump’s administration resorts to this subject to realize his crusade against the Cuban Revolution. 

Starting from the change of politics carried out by Obama which led in 2015 to the reopening of embassies and several cooperation agreements, thousands of Americans have traveled to the island, in spite of the fact that the blockade imposed by Washington prevents to the North Americans to make tourist trips in a more and more attractive destination. 

More than four million people visited Cuba last year, country that was recognized only few days ago in the International Tourism Fair in Madrid, Spain, with the Premio Excelencia (Excellence prize) to be the safest destination for the travelers.