Tuesday the 13th, neither get married nor go on a trip ...

Tuesday the 13th, neither get married nor go on a trip ...

Heritage & Traditions

By Mercy Ramos

Throughout time, Tuesday the 13th has been a fateful day, as it is considered a day of bad luck. That is why it is said: neither marry, go on a trip, nor stay away from your family.

There are several theories about bad luck on Tuesday the 13th in the cultures of Latin American countries, Spain and Greece. In the English-speaking nations, however, they consider Friday the 13th to be a fateful day.

Whether it is Tuesday or Friday, what is true is that number 13 is, according to believers, the one that brings misfortune. This is due to several stories: in Christian cultures it is attributed to the fact that at the Last Supper, in which Jesus Christ was accompanied by his twelve apostles, there were 13 people at the table ... and at the end of it, Jesus was apprehended, tortured and died crucified.

Other curses are attributed to the Kabbalah (mythical and allegorical interpretation of the Old Testament typical of the Jewish tradition that aims to reveal a hidden knowledge about God and the world), where 13 demons are spoken of and in Northern mythology a meeting is also mentioned of twelve gods, whose 13th place is occupied by Loki, an evil spirit.

In the case of Friday, bad luck is also referred to and although the day changes, fatality always falls on those stories but it is always the number 13 which is the constant.

In essence, superstitious or believing people are afraid of the number 13 and that phobia is called triscaidecaphobia. For this reason, in many aircraft the row 13 of seats is omitted. Also, in many hotels in the world, they do not include the 13th floor or the room of the same number to prevent customers from rejecting the possibility of staying in it and this is also the case in residential buildings, where the 13th is outlawed.

However, we recommend that you forget the number of the day today, with the certainty whether it is 13, 20 or 30, the main "bad luck" in the world today is the pandemic that strikes and, with certainty, it will be shunned with discipline. and constancy in the adoption of measurs aimed at the use of the mask, hand washing and social isolation, which, together with the vaccines that are already being applied, people will achieve immunological sovereignty.