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University of Cuba focuses on tourism development on the island

By: CubaPLUS Magazine
Jun 13, 2024
University of Cuba focuses on tourism development on the island

Strategies for the development of the Cuban economy are a priority for the University of Camagüey (UC), which pays special attention today to the Faculty of Tourism as a stronghold for the sector.

In a region, which in addition to hosting more than 20 percent of the archipelago’s beaches, has in Cayo Cruz one of the largest hotel growth programs in the country, the house of higher education enhances the section in conjunction with the Center for Multidisciplinary Studies on Tourism (Cemtur).

According to the official Facebook page of the institution, “knowing the particularities of the faculty, the development of the 2024 school year and the study completion exercises, was the objective of the meeting held by the rector, Santiago Lajes Choy, with students and teachers of the UC Tourism degree.”

The management so that the future of the scientific and professional community can catapult the so-called industry without chimneys on the island is essential and goes beyond the job location itself after completing the studies in the institution itself, the first founded by the Cuban Revolution in 1967.

“For their part, the link between students and teachers of the program with national and foreign projects was highlighted, as well as the excellent ties of the department with the Gaviota Business Group, with which we also work on various actions that contribute to the training of undergraduate and graduates,” the publication argues.

In the last five years, four projects aimed at solving problems and developing tourism have been promoted by Cemtur. Gerson Herrera, one of the Center’s main specialists, told Prensa Latina that one of the four projects is promoted with a small and medium-sized company, “looking for the different actors in the economy, and it is about the implementation of a computer program for information management”.

The coordinator of the Territorial Program for the Development of Tourism in the province assured that “it will be implemented in Cayo Cruz, seeking equal technological sovereignty.

(With information and photos from Prensa Latina)

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