Unveiled equestrian statue of the Cuban National Hero in Havana

Unveiled equestrian statue of the Cuban National Hero in Havana


By Mercy Ramos

An equestrian statue’s replica of Cuba’s National Hero, Jose Marti placed in New York, was unveiled in Havana to pay him tribute in the 165th anniversary of his birthday. 

When speaking in the ceremony, the city’s Historian, Eusebio Leal Spengler, made an overview of José Marti’s life and he thanked to around a hundred people who one way or another contributed to achieve successfully that the statue’s replica can be today in the Cuban capital. 

AS far as he’s concerned, Josep Mizzi, president of the New York Bronx museum’s trustee board, emphasized the significance of this project which represents the friendship between the people of Cuba and the United States. 

Later on, he stood out to José Marti’s life and work, of which he has learned a lot while he was carried out the replica and, he added that it is impossible to thank with these words to more than a hundred of donors who made possible this project and although many of them cannot be here today I want to thank to all sincerely and, in particular, to Lianne Mella, his director, here present, to lead this work so skillfully." 

At the same time, José A. Velazquez Zaldivar, on behalf of the New York’s Mayor, Bill de Blasio, highlighted the Cuban national hero's figure and he said that the iconic statue of the Cuban patriot and writer Jose Martí erected in the Central Park have been an inspiration and encouragement source for generations of New Yorkers Cuban. 

 The opening on a day like today of its replica in Havana, not only mark the 165th anniversary of the Marti’s birthday, but also guarantees that his historical legacy in the search of the independence is shared with the new generations, he said finally. 

The ceremony was headed by the President of the Council of State and Council of Ministers, Raul Castro and it had the presence of the government's leaders and central organisms’ officials, representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in Cuba, representatives of the New York’s Major office, of the Bronx’s museum, Cuban residents in USA and American citizens who generously supported the performance of this project, among others. 

The statue’s replica weighs 8,5 tons, it was cast in bronze and it arrived to Cuba coming from USA at the beginning of October. It is located on a black granite base and it is exactly similar to the original erected between Bolivar and San Martin statues in the Central Park in New York. It shows the same inscriptions in Spanish and English: "Apostle of the Cuba independence, guide of the Latin American people and paladin of the human freedom, his literary genius competes with his political perception".