Varadero beach resort untouched by fire in Matanzas, Cuba

Varadero beach resort untouched by fire in Matanzas, Cuba


CubaPLUS Magazine

The Varadero beach resort, Cuba's main sun and beach destination, is operating normally today despite a large fire at an oil tank base in the neighboring city of Matanzas that is 34 kilometers west of tourist center.

This was confirmed to Prensa Latina by tourist guide Omar Oramas, from the Ecotur agency, who is in charge of a group of French vacationers.

According to Oramas, the sky over Varadero is clear, since the wind is blowing northeast and the column of smoke rising from the site of the accident, in the industrial zone of the provincial capital of Matanzas, is not perceptible.

There, a lightnining during a thunder storm hit on Friday early evening a 50,000-cubic-meter crude oil tank and set it on fire. Spills from it reached a similar tank that also went in flames, causing a large scale still uncontrolled fire despite efforts of firefighting units from several provinces.

The Cuban Government has requested help and assistance from oil-producing countries with experience in this type of accidents.

Dozens of people are reported injured and 17 are missing, particularly firefighters.

The Varadero beach resort is 34 kilometers east of Matanzas and according to the specialist, tourists there receive all services and carry out their activities normally.

(With information from Prensa Latina)