Varadero’s Coffee House awaits you

Varadero’s Coffee House awaits you

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Coffee, that wonderful drink consumed in the world around 2,250 million cups every day, especially at breakfast, has a specialized facility in the magnificent Cuban resort of Varadero, where in addition to tasting the aromatic infusion you can discover its history and its production process, from sowing until it reaches the consumer's lips.

On the new Boulevard of the Blue Beach, located between streets 61 and 64 of the spa city, is the Casa del Café, where its friendly employees offer you the possibility of buying the aromatic product, whether in grain or ground, in addition to rum, tobacco and other related items.

To access the facility, belonging to the Caracol SA group, Yenia González Rivera, manager of the place, explained to this magazine, it is enough to have the desire, although it can also be reached through the City Tour of Varadero, a route booked in the bureau tourism of the spa, highly demanded by vacationers.

The visit to the Casa del Café will allow you, in addition to tasting the exquisite infusion, to know first-hand extensive information about the history of how the grain arrived in Cuba more than two and a half centuries ago; where the main plantations in the country are located, varieties that are harvested and the different brands, said the executive.

You will also be able to spend a pleasant evening listening to Cuban music, especially melodies related to the aromatic product, such as the one that says: "Ay Mamá Inés, all blacks drink coffee", as well as having different cocktails, most importantly the popular infusion.

Currently the Casa del Café, about to celebrate its first anniversary in November, is one of the most visited facilities in the new Boulevard de Varadero, which has 62 gastronomy establishments, shops and accommodation, among other services.